The planet is our priority!

It is impossible not to notice that our planet is changing, and nowadays, environmental sustainability is one of SIDI’s main goals.

In this regard, SIDI has been trying for years to do its part in bringing manufacturing practices to sustainable levels that can guarantee a minimal impact on the environment, for example, using clean energy to produce its machines through its photovoltaic system that saves 150.000 kg CO2 per year, and by returning only pure water and air to the environment through sophisticated purification systems.

Sidi Mondial is also working to enable its customers to follow this philosophy, producing and promoting machinery that can reduce both energy consumption and pollution levels, ensuring a healthier work area:

  • Machines with built-in boilers that can also supply some other machines already prepared for connection to an external steam source, for condensate recovery without drains and tanks. This reduces water consumption and eliminates heat dissipation in the working environment;
  • H.A.R.S. – the Hot Air Recovery System, for hot air recovery and reuse;
  • Steam generators with condensation recovery tank at 80° for energy saving (less energy required for water heating);
  • EKO spotting cabinet, equipped with an active carbon filter (with a positive impact on both the environment and the operators);
  • A selection of fully electric machines, also equipped with ECO mode (30% reduction of engaged power);
  • Good insulation of the tanks for reduced heat loss;
  • Last-generation energy-saving motors.

The company’s commitment does not stop here but continuously researches and develops new technologies that can contribute to this important project.