Sidi Mondial has always been attentive to the safety of its customers and the operators who use its equipment daily.

A due act, also towards the engineers and technicians who, with their commitment, make innovative and cutting-edge solutions possible.

Therefore, SIDI is synonymous with QUALITY.

The machines are safe and reliable and are designed to comply with the strictest regulations and quality standards required by the destination countries.


-         CE: The CE mark guarantees that the product to which it is affixed conforms to the safety requirements of applicable European Community directives or regulations.

-         ETL: The ETL mark certifies that the product, tested by an accredited third-party laboratory, meets the standards for sale in North America.

-         CMIM: The CMIM mark certifies that the product meets the standards to be sold in Morocco.

-         CEC: the European Certification Consortium deals mainly with certification concerning EU directives leading to CE marking and verifications in materials, equipment and pressure plants.

-         EAC: the EAC mark certifies that the products have been evaluated by the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union and the product can be sold in the Russian territory (formerly GOST certification).

-         SON: The SON mark guarantees the product conformity, by SGS, to be sold in Nigeria.