SIDI participated the JET EXPO Exhibition , from the 14th to the 16th of October 2017, side by side with its partner for FRANCE , the ANDROMEDE Group.

Andromède is a net of distributors of laundry and dry cleaning equipment spread out all over France sharing the same suppliers and the same sales strategy. SIDI has become in the recent years, a strong partner of the Andromède Group.

The forefront of Sidi booth was its blowing shirt finisher Magic. which has just become a best seller in France being very well appreciated by customers all over the country.

Live demonstrations were carried out on the shirt finisher and on the group of machines for the treatment of wet cleaned garments , namely a topper with pneumatic tensioning of the waist and lateral traction, a tensioning form finisher for jackets with revolving dummy and  a vacuum-blowing table  to finish or touch up the garments . The equipment is specifically studied to meet the wet cleaning system requirements , whose main objective is to relax the sewings and eliminate wrinkles on the fabrics.

The attendance and the interest in what on display was very high and , as a result , the exhibition was successful.