M 501 / M 502 SERIES

The tensioning form finishers M 501/M 502 have been designed to meet the needs of the WET cleaning system, that requires vertical tensioning for perfect seam finishing and fabric revitalising.

This form is suitable for jackets, outerwear, leather wear, dresses and similar garments of any size and textures.

M-501 is also suitable for dry cleaned garments, by allowing a very high quality finishing, limiting the number of touch-ups to very minor details and increasing productivity without the need of specialized labour.

The high quality finishing is provided by the special garment tensioning and by the powerful hot air flow.

The positioning of the dummy is automatic, thanks to a photocell. Cycles are adjustable, savable and managed by a plc with AF Logic interface. All formers of the M 501/M 502 series are ready for connection to external steam supply.

  • M-501 with microprocessor cycle control, with up to 10 savable programs. Available in fixed dummy or with 270° rotating dummy versions.
  • M-502 with Plc system as standard, with 10 savable program, 270° rotating dummy and pneumatic lateral and back clamps to fix the vents.

Available options:

 GFV iron assembly complete with All Steam iron for final touch-ups.

SKU: SM-M0260
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