Air-operated presses with a fast head movement and increased squeezing pressure by 73%. High professional press for high productivity.

Padded Head with live steam. Lower buck with live steam and vacuum, also blowing upon request.  60° head opening. Both bucks are steam heated

Available either self-contained or ready for connection to external steam, vacuum and air supplies.

Available in the following shapes:

AT 770/U Special   utility shape

AT 770/UP Special utility legger shape

AT 770/US Special utility cut-out shape

AT 770/P Special   legger shape

Available options:

9 or 20 liters boiler
Automatic finishing system of the 3 ironing phases through timers

Blowing device on the lower buck by a vacuum-blowing motor

Inox spotting arm and steam/air gun

Steam iron assembly with electric steam iron or ALL STEAM

Anti-gloss plate

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