Model TA-792/S is a vacuum/air-blowing ironing table, which can be equipped to iron on either side of the board. It features 2 casters and adjustable board height from 830 to 950 mm.

Its two functions, vacuum and air-blowing, allows to steam from the iron and dry the garments at the same time with the air-blowing, for a remarkable reduction of movements and ensuring to the operator maximum efficiency and competence.

TA-792/S is also available in its F “cold-ironing” version, with special anti-condensate treatment of the buck, silicone pad and DEK cover. This version of the table allows for energy saving and working in a healthier environment.

TA-792/S models are available with either Maxi board (1300 x 500 - small end 250 mm) or Bottle-Neck "BN" (1300 x 500 – small end 300 mm).

Available options upon request:

  • Electric height adjustment with remote control
  • Electric automatic boiler with electronic level control
  • Photocell pedal set
  • Silicon pad
  • Steam or steam/air spotting gun
  • Arm with either sleeve-ironing shape or stainless steel spotting shape
  • Lighting group
  • Trousers-leg holder



TA-792/S, TA-792/S F


SKU: SM-T0700
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